Firefaucet Update: Withdraw to Gcash and others

An exciting update from Firefaucet. They now offer more options to withdraw our earnings. 🎉 In my previous article about Firefaucet, I made a brief introduction on how to use the site, earn and also the withdrawal process. Before this update, we can only withdraw our earning through cryptocurrency of our choice. In this update, we haveContinue reading “Firefaucet Update: Withdraw to Gcash and others”

Firefaucet: Automate Your Earnings

Are you a busy person and still want to have some additional earning site through faucets? Worry no more, Firefaucet can automate your faucet earnings. It means that it will claim your desired cryptocurrencies automatically without clicking every certain minutes and doing boring captcha over and over again. 😁 As part of my crypto goalsContinue reading “Firefaucet: Automate Your Earnings”

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