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Firefaucet Update: Withdraw to Gcash and others

An exciting update from Firefaucet. They now offer more options to withdraw our earnings. πŸŽ‰

In my previous article about Firefaucet, I made a brief introduction on how to use the site, earn and also the withdrawal process.

Before this update, we can only withdraw our earning through cryptocurrency of our choice.

In this update, we have introduced Gift Cards as a new withdrawal option. Here are some highlights of our gift cards feature.

– Support for over 3000 brand vouchers across 70+ countries.

Gift cards may vary according to your country. So in this article I will cover mainly in the Philippines. You may visit the withdrawal page and enter your country to show available brands or products for you. 😊

To access this, go to menu and tap Wallet Balance and click the Try Now button, as the image above.

As of now they offer 417 Gift Cards for the Philippines. With a 10% discount on all of these Gift Cards(limited offer).

Gift Cards

Because there are too many Gift Cards, I’ll just show here some of the most used products.

First will be Gcash, a very handy mobile wallet for us Filipinos.

Here are the Terms and Conditions:

  • GCash eGift can be used to top up your GCash wallet.
  • Each eGift has a unique code that corresponds to an amount/denomination.
  • GCash eGift may be subject to other terms and/or conditions of GCash.
  • The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the eGift code.
  • All over-the-counter cash-in beyond P8,000 cumulative monthly transactions will be charged a 2% service fee.
  • First P8,000 combined or straight cash-in is FREE. All other transactions beyond P8,000 per month will have a service fee worth 2% of the total amount in EXCESS of P8,000.
  • GCash accepts a maximum of four transactions per service.
  • GCash accepts a maximum of P10,000 per transaction.
  • GCash accepts a maximum amount of P40,000 per day.
  • For more questions, please go to
  • GCash loading is operated by Giftaway, Inc. and is not officially affiliated with GCash.

A minimum of 200 php or almost 4usd is required for you to withdraw a Gcash Gift Card. With a 10% discount, will only cost you 3.7 usd.

So far I haven’t converted my ACP into any crypto that’s why it shows insufficient funds.

After processing your withdrawal, you need to follow this instruction to credit the balance into your Gcash wallet.

-Go to Gcash Online Redemption Page

-Enter your E-gift code

-Complete your Gcash Account details

-Pass the captcha and tap Redeem

Next on the list is Shopee Pay. Oh, exciting right? You may now check-out those items you added to cartπŸ˜‚

Here are ShopeePay’s Terms and Condition:

  • ShopeePay eGift can be used to top-up your ShopeePay wallet.
  • Each eGift has a unique code that corresponds to an amount/denomination.
  • The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the eGift code.
  • ShopeePay loading is operated by Giftaway, Inc. and is not officially affiliated with ShopeePay.

A minimum of 100php or 1.87 usd(with 10% off) is needed to claim your Gift Card from ShopeePay.

After completing the withdrawal from your Firefaucet wallet, you need to follow this instructions to claim the credit to your ShopeePay wallet.

-First open your Shopee app and choose ShopeePay

-Select Top-up and enter the E-gift amount as the Top-up value

-Select Payment Center then ECPay, and confirm

-Top pay now and get the Reference Number

-Now go to and complete the details

-Enter the Reference Number you created using your ShopeePay and the E-gift code from your Firefaucet withdrawal

Here are some of other supported products or brands to choose from. Take note that every product has their different process on how to claim the e-gift card code. Just click on each and it will show the specific instructions.

Enjoy! 😊

This upgrade made by Firefaucet really shows that their developers really value their users. May be I will try to add an extra time claiming ACP😊.

Still have no Firefaucet Account? You may create one now and for further instructions on how to use this website, Visit my Firefaucet article here.

Do you find this update interesting? Share some thoughts in the comment below. 😊

Happy Claiming πŸŽ‰

Article originally posted at my ReadCash page

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