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Firefaucet: Automate Your Earnings

Are you a busy person and still want to have some additional earning site through faucets?

Worry no more, Firefaucet can automate your faucet earnings. It means that it will claim your desired cryptocurrencies automatically without clicking every certain minutes and doing boring captcha over and over again. 😁

As part of my crypto goals for this year 2021, I think this one can have a great contribution to my portfolio🎉

Article’s Content:

  • What is Firefaucet?
  • How to create an account?
  • Your Dashboard
  • Ways of Earning ACP
  • Wallet & Withdrawal
  • Proof of Payment
  • Conclusion

What is Firefaucet?

It is a type of earning site which is a faucet wherein the user will earn a certain amount of crypto by doing some simple tasks. The Uniqueness of Firefaucet to other faucet sites is that it has a Auto Claim feature.

Aside from Cryptocurrencies of our choice, we also Earn ACP or Auto Claim Points. This is like our fuel to start our auto faucet, the higher the ACP you have, the longer the time it autoclaims, thus Higher Earnings😉.

ACP or Auto Claim Points are website tokens which work as currency for website transactions. You can earn free ACP by multiple ways by doing tasks.

ACP cannot be withdrawan anywhere or any wallet and is only meant to be used inside FireFaucet.

You can convert ACP into real crypto currency, or start an auto payment which slowly adds crypto to your account, and pays more than instant conversion.

Before we dig deeper into the firefaucet, let’s start creating an account first.

How to create an account?

Here is the 🔥Firefaucet Registration Link🔥 (It contains my Referral Link)

Then you will be redirected and click Register Now. After the you’ll see this page, just fill in the information needed, solve the captcha and tap Create Account.

Now you have an account, log in and let’s Start Earning😉

Your Dashboard

This is the main page of your account, you will find your level and the progress bar, your rankings, the ways of earning and the Autofaucet.

  • LEVELS : The more our level increases, the bigger the reward we will receive. To increase our level, we just need to use the site and claim from faucets. Every claim increases our Activity points or the EXP. Every level also increases your Bonus plus an additional satoshi reward can be claimed (aside from faucet itself)

  • RANK : Aside from level, they also offer Ranking system wherein top 10 users will be rewarded additional ACP.
  • WAYS OF EARNING : We can earn ACP through claiming Daily Bonus, Shortlinks, Survey, Offerwall, Tasks, PTC and Faucet.

*Daily Bonus: Claim free ACP every day. ACP amount to be claimed varies.

*Shortlinks: You will earn ACP just by viewing some links. Most of the links can be visited multiple times. Just click and follow the instructions each site.

*Survey: By answering some survey you will earn ACP, this might take a lot of time and it differs every survey. Some time you we might not be qualified according to what the surveyor needs. But it offer bigger reward if you got approved and finished a survey.

*Offerwalls: This offers a wide variety of tasks from offerdaddy, wannads and other sites. Some needs to watch videos, surveys, and other simple tasks.

*Tasks: Depending on your activty, you will earn another rewards by completing daily tasks like complete 5 shortlinks and earn 25 ACP.

*PTC: One of the most easiest way to earn ACP. Just click the ads, wait for atleast 8 seconds timer and solve the simple number captcha.

*ACP Faucet: We can earn additional ACP every 30 minutes here, just tap the faucet and solve the captcha and done😉

What to do with ACP?

Now you have enough ACP collected, what’s next? Here are the two ways to earn your crypto using ACP.

  • Convert ACP to Crypto: First, on your Dashboard click the Convert button, choose what crypto you want, enter the amount of ACP and tap Exchange. Take note of the reminder below that page before you proceed.
  • START AN AUTOCLAIM: Here’s the real earning begins. You can leave you browsers tab open and let Firefaucet claim your desired cryptocurrencies for you. Just a few set up and your good to go. Here’s how:

>First choose your desired cryptocurrencies. Below are the available crypto and also it has a usdt too. In this example I will choose BTC.

You can choose one or more crypto, or all of it. But the ACP consumption will be adjusted. Like I said, it is the fuel of our Auto Claim.

Then click Start Auto Faucet.

After clicking the Start, you will be redirected to this page:

1: This is the crypto that you selected.

2: You can change your crypto if you want to, just click this change button.

3: The countdown, every 1 minute you will receive your crypto depending on your ACP and boost

4: This is the total ACP you have, every minute this will be deducted as a fuel for your autoclaim.

5: Based on your ACP remaining in #4, Your fuel will runs out at the time indicated here, in my example after 21 minutes.

6: Boost – The higher the boost, the higher crypto you will receive, but higher ACP consumption too.

7: Settings – Tap this to change your setting for Boost. Here’s the example:

After every minute here’s what I’ve received from this Auto Claim.


To access your wallets and the withdrawal page, tap on the MENU found at top left of screen, the three mini horizontal line😁.

Tap on Wallet and enter your Addresses each crypto that you want to use and click save below.

After that click menu again and click Wallet Balance to check if you have attained the minimum amount for withdrawal.

Minimum Withdrawal:

Withdrawal are all in value of USD, but you will still receive the crypto itself based on the usd rates of the specific cryptocurrencies.

BTC: 7 usd

USDT: 2 usd

ETH: 6 usd

DOGE: 3 usd


DASH: 2 usd

TRON: 2 usd

ZCASH: 2 usd


There is a maximum of 10 usd withdrawal per day. Payments are currently sent to your Direct Wallet, so you can use any of your wallets.

It supported Faucetpay Wallet too, but as of now it was suspended due to some security issue investigation.

As I said, our balance is calculated on usd value, here’s an example.

Total balance is 7.49 usd, It will retain its value and btc amount will fluctuate depending on the prices.


Here’s what I received from my Litecoin Wallet☺️


So not to make this much longer, all I can say is that this faucet site offers a lot of earning potential. Just a few steps and you can earn crypto. Good thing about this is that you can choose on what type of ways you want to earn the ACP. In my case I just do some PTC, Faucet and sometimes shortlinks only. I don’t have much time for survey and offerwalls.

Downside for me is it didn’t offer BITCOIN CASH. As one of our favorite coin, I hope someday they included that too. Nonetheless, we can exchange our withdrawn crypto into BCH or any crypto we want, right?

Bigger gain starts in a single grain.


Did you like my mini review and tutorial of Firefaucet🔥? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


Article originally posted at my ReadCash page😊

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