Cake DeFi : Learn and Earn – DeFiChain Quiz

What is Cake DeFi? Cake DeFi is a cryptocurrency lending, staking, and liquidity mining platform. They use their own cryptocurrency called DeFiChain (DFI) for both staking and liquidity mining. Learn and Earn Who are eligible to participate? Anyone can participate in the Learn and Earn program. Users that signed up from March 29 2022 onwardsContinue reading “Cake DeFi : Learn and Earn – DeFiChain Quiz”

My Defi Pet: The Beginning

Are you fond of having a virtual pet? Most of us comes in a stage wherein we experienced playing tamagotchi (90’s kids, kaway­čść), it’s just pure fun those days. Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that offers virtual pet. And in the emergence of Blockchain games, those cute little virtual pets joined the cryptoContinue reading “My Defi Pet: The Beginning”

Blockchain Game: The Crypto Prophecies

With the success of blockchain games, a lot of promising games emerged. I am eyeing another blockchain game called Crypto Prophecies. Its gameplay got my attention that’s why I tried to do some research about the game. So here I am, just want to share this upcoming game to you and hopefully to see the potentialContinue reading “Blockchain Game: The Crypto Prophecies”

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