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My Defi Pet: The Beginning

Are you fond of having a virtual pet? Most of us comes in a stage wherein we experienced playing tamagotchi (90’s kids, kaway😆), it’s just pure fun those days.

Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that offers virtual pet. And in the emergence of Blockchain games, those cute little virtual pets joined the crypto craze. With this, we can now earn and still having fun.

Let’s take a look of this blockchain game called My Defi Pet and you might find an interesting aspect of the game itself.

What is My Defi Pet?

My Defi Pet is basically a virtual pet game integrated with DeFi or decentralized finance. It is operated on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain networks.

The developers chose this name, My Defi Pet because it encompasses the three main characteristics of this game. “My” for personalisation, “Defi” for decentralized finance features integrated and “Pet” for a pet raising game.


Basically this game revolves around the gaming activities such as collecting, breeding, evolving, battling with, and trading/socialising for pets.

As of now we can buy eggs and feed them. Each cost 3 dpet. After acquiring your eggs, you can feed them to increase it level.

Where to buy Defi Pet eggs?

First you need a wallet, i use both metamask and trustwallet. Deposit a bnb smartchain in your account. I use binance to send my smartchain into my trust wallet.

Once you have bnb smartchain go to your dapps browser and go to pancakeswap to exchange your bnb into dpet token.

Take note that each egg costs 3 dpet, so if you are planning to buy more, take this into consideration and also the value of dpet, as of now it costs $2.6 per dpet.

Now still using dapps browser, go to and click play now.

You will be asked to connect your wallet, just follow the instructions afterwards.

Wait for the loading page to finish and you will see your base. At first you don’t have any eggs, so you can buy by clicking your Incubator.

Then you will be prompted to buy an egg for 3 dpet. Just click it and approve the transaction. Tap the egg to crack it and there you go, you have your first Defi Pet. 🎉

How to play?

The Battle feature is not yet released, so as of now all we have to do is to collect pets, feed them to increase their level and improve your base by buying cages and building.

Let me tour you of our pet’s base.

LEVEL- our level increases as we gain more experience by feeding our pet, harvesting feeds and other activities. As level increases, we gain rewards too.

SILVER COIN- this coins are used to purchase building, cages and also used to buy or to plant seeds for feeds. It can be claimed in our cage, amount varies with pets and the type of cage. We just tap the coin above the cage to claim it.

GEM-it can be claim whenever we increases our level. It is used whenever we want to harvest feeds without finishing its time.

CAGE- this is where we place our pets to produce Silver Coins. Upon creating our account, we have a free level 1 Barbaria Cage, it supports up to 3 pet and has a maximum capacity of 1000 coins. We can also purchase in the shop.


The higher the value of the cage, the bigger the silver coin capacity. But the pet capacity will still be three pets per cage.

INCUBATOR- this is where eggs incubate after we purchase them in the shop and after they bred from Happy Forest.

FARM HOUSE- this is necessary to grow the plants for our feeds. We can click this once to harvest all the feeds from plots at once.

FARM PLOT – this is the soil where we plant some seeds and produce feeds for our pets. We have free one plot but we can buy them in the shop using Silver Coins.

Here’s an example of planting in our Farm Plot.

First click the empty farm plot to show different kinds of feeds. The cheapest is the Corn, it produces 10 feeds in 1 minute and costs 50 silver coins only.

Tap on Plant and it will automatically purchase that feed and plant it in your plot. Just wait for it to grow mature and then tap the shovel icon in your Farm House or tap the plot individually.

How to feed Pets?

To feed our pets, just tap on the cage and choose your pet.

After choosing your pet, you will be redirected to the feeding page. In my example, my pet reaches its maximum level of 10 thats why the button shows evolve, but if the pet is below level 10,that button shows Feed and the amount of feeds needed.

This page also shows the name of our Pet and its stats and skills.

There’s a lot of exciting feature coming soon for this game. I am excited to play and battle with other players. But for now, I just need to make my pets stronger, also invest and collect more pets. 😉

So for now, here’s the end of my mini tour. Let’s talk about breeding and other stuff in my next article.

Hopefully this project will be successful and attain its goals, it’s too early and we can still collect more. Also check their whitepaper and always remember that this is also a type of investment, we need to purchase and still it involves risk.

Don’t invest more that the money that you are willing to lose. At the end of the day, just enjoy this game and let’s see what the future of My DeFi Pet

Did you like this article? Share some thoughts below. 😊

Information written here are from mydefipet website and whitepaper. My own opinion and experience included.



This article is originally published in my page 👉


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